FRIB-TA Summer School: Quantum Computing and Nuclear Few- and Many-Body Problems

Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, Michigan State University, USA

June 20-22

Lecture notes and Hands-on examples

The teaching material is provided as jupyter-notebooks and/or PDF files. Lunches are 12pm-130pm Tuesday and Wednesday and 12pm-1pm on Monday. Monday at 3-4pm for those interested there is the possibility to join a guided tour of FRIB. Coffee breaks are 1030am-11 all days and 3-4pm on Monday and 330pm-4pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Introduction to the summer school with teaching plans and learning outcomes

Monday June 20, 830am-930am: Introduction to quantum computing, qubits, gates and superposition (AB), only PDF file

Monday June 20, 930am-1030am: Quantum circuits, entanglement and measurements (AB), only PDF file

Monday June 20, 11am-12pm: Hands-on session with applications and introduction to software libraries

Monday June 20, 1pm-2pm: Algorithms for quantum dynamics (DL), simple problems

Monday June 20, 2pm-3pm: Quantum phase estimation and adiabatic eovolution (JB and ZQ), simple problems

Monday June 20, 4pm-6pm, Hands-on session

Tuesday June 21, 830am-930am: Hamiltonian Simulation: a general overview (JW)

Tuesday June 21, 930am-1030am: Introduction to VQE and simple model (BH)

Tuesday June 21, 11am-12pm: Many-body theory and nuclear few- and many-body systems (BH and MHJ)

Tuesday June 21, 130pm-330pm: Quantum algorithms (VQE) and nuclear physics with applications, parts I and II (BH and MHJ)

Tuesday June 21, 4pm-6pm second hands-on session

Wednesday June 22, 830am-1030am: Noise, error correction and mitigation, parts I and II (RL)

Wednesday June 22, 11am-12pm: Practicing error correction and mitigation, hands-on part (RL)

Wednesday June 22, 130pm-330pm: Wrapping up and defining nuclear many-body system to study for hands-on session and start hands-on session

Wednesday June 22, 4pm-6pm Hands-on session and problem solving